Leave It Behind: The Editor of Your Life Story

No one really likes to be edited. Some of us say we are fine with it but when it comes right down to it, laying your thoughts out on a piece of computer screen and having someone chop them up, is irritating.

When creating a better life story, the same is true. We need editors to help us see our blind spots or the story we live could end up with more potholes than needed or a derailment or two.

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Over the past few years my blind spots seem to be taking over. Perhaps as we grow older our ability or desire to cover things up diminishes and the truth gets set free whether we like it or not.

In a story I recently stumbled onto people were told each year to clean the leaven out of their lives. In ancient culture bread was a big deal. Keeping a bit of starter dough on hand was common.

But over a year’s time, some of that started could become infected with bad yeast or ingredients not meant for human consumption. It’s not like people were going to die from it but after a while it began to affect them in a negative way.

Our lives are like that too. We become complacent by accepting “Bad Ingredients” into our lives and before you know it those additives start to destroy our story.


I needed those editors we were talking about to help me identify the poison before it takes over. We need editors we can trust and sometimes those closest to us are the hardest to let in with the magic pen.

I’m learning how important it is for my wife to become my editor. It’s really hard for me because she see’s me for who I really am and her editing tool is sharp and sometimes difficult to take. But I have to remind myself I need her there to help me write a better story.


As you head off into the week ahead you might ask yourself who, in my life right now, do I trust with the editors tool and my story?

Take a few minutes to identify the leaven in your life that needs to be sifted out of the mixture so you can create the most amazing life story.

Perhaps its time for you to leave something behind that is getting in your way? I know it’s uncomfortable because you’ve allowed that habit or attitude a hold on your life.

Roll this word around on your tongue, Leave.

Think about what it would feel like for that “thing” not to have an attachment to you.

Doesn’t that sound good?

Doesn’t that sound like the road to freedom?

Culture doesn’t want you to rid yourself of anything. The world we live in wants you to have it all.

But like the picture at the top of our story culture knows if you truly choose to leave “it” behind, you will find the freedom it takes to write the story of your life.