Last Night on the Air

Plenty has been written about my last night on the air….and that’s okay. But this picture, was taken from my last weekday newscast, on the Friday before the Sunday everyone talks about. My wife and two boys came down to watch me do my last regular weekday show. Cenzie, Jess’ girlfriend was also there. It was a strange night. When you leave a career, to find another, there’s some sadness that goes along with it. You miss your friends, you miss the ease to which you used to do you job and, to some degree, you miss the familiar. It was good to have my family there. It’s funny. I don’t think they’ve ever been to the studio to actually watch a show before. TV was part of my life, it wasn’t really that important to them. People tend to see someone from television and think they must be consumed with their life and their job. Even towards the end, I wasn’t. The reason: The guys you see on each side of me and my wife…..who stays out of pictures for the most part.


  1. Rachel on March 5, 2008 at 11:54 pm

    We are honored that you put our beautiful Boey’s picture on your site. We are so blessed to share such wonderful memories of you and Boey together. Words are never adequate when expressing our appreciation for everything you’ve done for our family and the love you’ve shown.
    We will support you 100%. This position was made for you and your family, it’s a God thing remember?
    : – )

  2. barbara on March 6, 2008 at 12:21 pm

    Your last night on the air was perfectly wonderful, perfectly appropriate, and perfectly above board in my opinion. (I watched the link on KEZI’s website.) I am saddened by those that are trying to make it something it wasn’t, or isn’t. I guess that is just part of “the game”, but it still saddens me. Just about the time that I think that we (collective for all of us in this great country of ours….) are going to at least attempt to act like adults in regards to any election, those that are bashing you began opening their mouths, and now my party’s two Presidential candidates seem to be heading for a championship bout. Sigh and double sigh.

    BUT, to the real point of your post: You are right – you will miss your friends, and your routine. You are leaving behind the things of the past and looking towards that “new thing” that God is doing. Doors close, windows open, windows close, more doors appear – as Earth, Wind and Fire sang, “That’s the way of the world…” (I can see you dancing now!). Rachel is right – this whole thing is a “God thing”, no matter what happens in November. You’re in the next chapter now, and God’s stories are ALWAYS worth reading and experiencing.

  3. zachary vishanoff on March 14, 2008 at 11:58 am

    The attempts to ‘cover’ the story of your announcing your candidacy have been bewildering. Ive never seen the media botch , spin and completely misconstrue a story quite like that. The example you set must truly strike fear in the hearts of those in the media and in elected office who are cheating the vulnerable in our society. You’ve been there and seen what stories the media producers wont cover or gets ordered out of. I know your entering this race is a huge sacrifice of time and energy but it shows how dedicated you are to making our state a civil one. To those who would suggest that years and years of news gathering does not qualify one for political office I suggest that they are horribly misinformed-journalists are some of the few that can grasp the complexity of whats wrong in our government and how to solve it.

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