Kyllo’s Kicks It: Lincoln City Lunch

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Kathy and I have great memories of eating at Pier 101 in Lincoln City. Back in the day it was a hot spot. My uncle had a little cabin on the D-river that he called “Maxwell’s Stay Free Mini Pad”.(His last name was Maxwell) It was a tiny place and just perfect for Kathy and me.

We’d make up dinner, let it simmer on the stove, take a short walk up the street to Pier 101 and have their deep fried zucchini and a few drinks before walking home for dinner.

We’ve taken the boys back there many times and while it’s not the “Hot Spot” anymore their food is still good and the atmosphere, while a little run down and in dire need of a good update, it still has the charm we remember.

The problem with the place is they don’t open until 4:30 in the afternoon and their website says open for lunch at 11:30.

We went for a swim at the Lincoln City pool, which by the way is a super nice facility. Our idea was to grab a bite at the Pier when we were done. When we arrived you guessed it they were closed.

So we went down the street to Kyllo’s and we are so glad we did. We ordered the cod sandwich but rather than have it deep-fried we asked them to blacken it and the food was great. We ordered a side salad and had their cold slaw. The slaw was very good but like a lot of slaws didn’t have quite enough vinegar for our taste but as I said it was good. The fish was perfect and the bun they put it on looked special not like some bun they got out of a Franz bakery bag. (Too many places fail to understand the importance of a good bun)

We were very impressed and will be going back but we will also try the Pier again. We just can’t get enough of those deep fried zucchini.