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Job Connections: Goodwill Industries is so much more than you think.

Goodwill Industries is in the business of helping people. I know the organization works to employ people with barriers to employment but until we produced this video I had no idea those barriers include people like you and me.

The young woman we interview for this story is trying to improve her life with a business degree at the University of Oregon. But like a lot of us, in order to afford school and pay for room and board, she must work.

Mariah is a risk-taker. She gave up everything to come to Eugene and create a new life. But finding work, in this economy, was not easy until she found Goodwill.

I don’t want to spoil the story because it really is amazing. She is amazing and so is the Job Connections program.

If you want to help people in our community improve their lives and find work, involvement is as simple as taking your donations to Goodwill or shopping at one of our stores.

Now, please go watch Mariah’s story. I promise you will be glad you did.

And at the end we’ll give you more information about the Job Connections Program.