It Just Never Goes Away.

Kathy and I went to Eugene Eyewear to pick out new frames for our glasses on Saturday and had the most touching experience.

The staff was very helpful and we ordered what we needed but this is not a story about service but instead moments in time that touch lives.

One of the women helping us walks over to us as she is about to leave. The look on her face is one of pure emotion. Her lips begin to quiver and her voice follows as she explains she has to leave but needs to tell us something before she goes.

She begins to cry as she explains how she watched me on television the day of the Thurston High School Shooting. At the time she was a student at another area high school but said she watched the coverage we did and so appreciated the way I told the story. She was so shaken up and in tears as she walked away thanking me over and over.

That day touched so many of us and it really was a turning point for my life. That day I realized I was a human being, a neighbor and a member of this community and far down on the list came reporter.

I never covered a story the same way. I tossed aside my attempts to be a journalist and pretend to separate myself from the people and place I live in some false pretense of professionalism. That day I decided to just be Rick Dancer and cover people and stories in a way that comes naturally.

I hope this woman is not embarrassed by her release of emotion and the humanness in which she expressed herself. It was beautiful, it was so kind and it caused us to think more about those moments in life where you get the chance to do it right.