Is There A Doctor In The House: Behind The Scenes

I’ll never forget the trip we took in 2005 with the Cascade Medical Team to Guatemala. I got really sick a few days into the trip and one of the doctors (nice to get sick with doctors around) said: “ I can give you something that will stop that (You can guess what “That” was) and I said give it to me. He did and five days later I was a bit sorry but feeling a little better to.
It didn’t matter. We had so much fun meeting the people of Guatemala and traveling with local doctors, nurses, dentists and many volunteers, many of which are friends still today.

I could tell you about the parties, the little villages or the boy who say my hairy body and thought I was a monkey. (Many men in Guatemala don’t have a lot of body hair) I couldn’t tell you how many time I got tears in my eyes during this trip but I do remember the day I was playing with some children and decided it was time to stop washing my hands after touching the people. It just seemed wrong to touch them and quickly wash off the germs. That is the reason I got sick and it was worth almost every minute of it.
We will be bringing you stories from that 2005 documentary this week, next week and the week after but there is more. We will be bringing you other important medical stories, and one that could even save your life.

Enjoy and please pass this along to others. We like producing good television and we really like it when people watch and they watch a lot. (I’ve got the numbers and comments to back up that statement.)


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