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I.O.U. 32-Years of Marriage

July 23rd 1983 Kathy and I got married. We’d known each other for four years prior to the big day. Kathy and I are not the kind of people who talk about our relationship publicly because everything else in our life is pretty public. We don’t like to use this medium to brag or make life sound better than it is. Marriage is difficult and we’ve had hard times but there is no one I would rather spend the rest of my life with and that is not corny or mushy it is simply the truth. I’m fortunate because she likes to do the things I do and vice-versa.
We are a pair, we are a team and we hang together even when it’s hard.
When Kathy and I moved away from our families to Coos Bay we picked this record up at a record store in Coos Bay. This was our song.
I can’t leave the video up for very long because Youtube doesn’t like you to use music with a copy write so watch this in the next day or so or you will not see it.