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I Now Look For a Goodwill Store While on Vacation!


I’m not a fan of fluorescent overhead lights, in fact I find them about as appealing as getting a picture taken after running 10 miles. (I do that but they are always ugly).

During the summer my Downtown Eugene office is bright enough that I don’t need a bunch of light but now that the clouds are here, I discovered another lamp is a necessity.

My wife, her sister, my brother-in-law and I visited Hood River, Oregon over the weekend. Right on the main street of town is this fancy boutique Goodwill store.

We walked by the window, noticed some cool stuff and yes, I saw this lamp.


I’ve been looking for a lamp at TJ Maxx and other discount type stores but saw nothing for under $40 bucks.

Guess how much I paid for this lamp at Goodwill? What, are you waiting for the answer? I asked you to guess.

Okay, I’ll tell you. I paid $14.99 for this solid brass lamp with a super nice shade (my wife said it was a nice shade).

The best part of shopping at Goodwill, even outside our area, is I know the money I paid will help put people to work in my state.

New Topic: I took this picture after a 10 mile run. I’m always looking for tips to clean my clothes and I found some online I thought we should share with you.


I know a lot of you probably like to shop for clothes at Goodwill because we find good deals.

I looked up tips on Thrift Shopping and found this article on washing clothes that I thought you might enjoy.