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I Liked A Musical: Should I Be Questioning My Manhood?

When I was a kid my parents took us to a lot of musicals. I guess if you think back to the sixties a lot of movies were musicals.

Musicals can be rather stupid. Music and dancing happen at moments when they aren’t supposed to in the real world. Let’s face it musicals usually have little to do with real life. But the musical we watched last night was very real and full of great bits of life.


We were looking for something fun to watch and read the reviews for La La Land, a new musical starring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and a minor role by John Legend. The film is truly touching, interesting and thought provoking.


The story is about a struggling actress and a jazz musician who just can’t seem to get a break. They meet and both battle with starting a relationship and a career at the same time.

There were several moments in the movie that got me thinking about my own life. Those points in a movie when you feel tears, not because you are so connected to the character but because the character just found his or her way into your life and touched a nerve.


I will not spoil the end of the movie but what I got out of this film is the choices we make always have ramifications. Dreams are important but if they become more important than relationships a price will be paid.


The music in the musical is awesome and while the film has dancing and songs in places that don’t match real life there’s a nostalgic feel to the movie that takes me back to “Paint Your Wagon” or “Hello Dolly” and seeing my mother sitting next to us kids smiling and enjoying the heck out of the film.


The cinematography is amazing. The director really had to think ahead to get the shots, the dancing and the music to all work. The visuals are every bit as exciting as a car chase or Star Wars battle scene with the complexity it took to put this thing together.


I agree with other audiences who give this movie a 90% approval rating. The opening scene will cause you to wonder what you are in for but let the movie unfold and remind yourself that it’s okay to like a musical( especially if you are a man). Just don’t tell too many people or write a public blog about it and if you do be prepared to be made fun of.

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