I Ask Too Many Questions: Oh Well


I’m a curious guy. I can’t remember the last time I asked just one question of anyone. When I ran for public office asking questions got me into trouble with both sides of the political fence. They were used to a platform where they asked the questions but that didn’t and doesn’t work for me. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t get elected Secretary of State.


Recently Kathy and I traveled to Shedd, Oregon for lunch. We saw a brochure on the counter and ended up at Thompson’s Mill just down the road. I pulled out my iphone6 and started asking questions of Carole, the nice woman who worked at the place. Carole took us on a behind the scenes tour and we shot a bunch of that tour and put it on this weeks Rick Dancer TV show that airs Sunday at 4:30 on KEVU.


I remember asking a lot of questions when those self-service checking machines first showed up in early 2000. I was just sure they would ruin relationships at the local stores. 15 years later I have to laugh at my questions. This is a story we shot at KEZI looking at this, then, new fangled contraption.

I also tend to ask a lot of questions about history and why we keep failing to learn from it. This week we are taking you back to a campaign that is not talked about much these days. My former co-anchor Colleen Nelson did this story on a man who was out to locate soldiers.

Here is a link to the entire show that airs Sunday. Tell your friends about the show, send them a link and get them interested in the conversation.