I Almost Allowed You To Ruin My Day


IMG_0787I turn on my computer and there it is, hate, irritation and some of my friends on Facebook trying to control and shut down conversation.

There are very few things that can wreck my day but when people stop listening and start telling people what we have to think, that’s a huge trigger for me.

The topic is Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.

My opinion on his choice is no one’s business. In fact, I think its really his/her business and what the rest of us think really doesn’t matter at all.

But if you are going to talk about it you can’t stop people on the opposite side of the issue from giving an opinion.

But what gouged my irritation center was people on both sides of the so-called-debate telling the other basically if you don’t agree with me keep your opinions to yourself or you are in danger of losing my friendship.


On down my home page I see someone telling me what I have to think about racism and sexism.


I like these people. I think they are smart and I normally love to read what they write. What I don’t like is when minds close and lips are sealed shut by someone’s opinion.

You can’t tell me what to think, you just can’t. You may not like my opinion but if we are truly going to open our minds, open your mind!

Again, this is not about Bruce/Caitlyn for me this is about conversation or the lack there of.


I’m a bit crabby at ten in the morning as I arrive at our production shoot for the day. We are interviewing students at an alternative school.

As they tell me their difficult life stories I am deeply touched by their openness and willingness to talk. I simply ask a few questions and they have no fear, no holding back, they just speak openly.

Later I find myself in the home of a woman who experiences schizophrenia. She tells me of the out-loud voices she hears and the long struggle she works through each day just to make it through a day.

She tells me how she got here and more importantly how she is finding herself a way out.


As we talk I find myself more in tune with this alleged mentally ill woman than I do with the conversations that had me so ticked off that morning.

I find myself in a deep conversation with people willing to explore other ideas and opinions that may not fit their own.

From their openness and willingness to share I find a connection.