How to Tell Your Story with Heart: Rewriting The Story That is Your Life

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Let’s face it, most of us spend more time living behind a shell than we do in those raw moments of life that make us feel vulnerable yet alive.


Removing the mask and allowing our heart to guide us is very risky. No one wants to get hurt. Masks are designed to protect, cover-up and hide our true self.

As a kid I remember naturally living my life on the outside at home but at school, shyness and fear of being made fun of taught me to wear a thick, impenetrable mask so few could see who or how I really was.


In my cycle class this morning the teacher asked a question that puzzled me. She wants to know “what period of your life did you feel the most free?”

I thought about it and a picture of an eight year old me came to my mind. Eight was prior to puberty, before the teen years and back when people making fun of me was tolerable.


In high school I hid behind drugs. Smoking pot and tobacco helped me fit in and created a false sense of who I wanted to be.

Back then if someone would ask me to tell my story the main characters would be sad and invisible. The only bit of humanity you might see was the loneliness I felt when I stepped off the bus and went downstairs to my bedroom.


Many of us live like this. We hide behind who we think we are or who others have told us we should be. Few of us actually step outside that mask or dare take it off for fear of being found out.

I still have masks but am discovering many of them don’t fit as well as I once thought.

Masks usually don’t look like us.

Masks make it hard to breath.

Masks are tiring and take more energy to preserve than they do to take off.

Fear and wanting to belong preserve our masks.

Those two things all but guarantee the masks lifetime.

It takes guts to take off the mask.

It takes surrounding ourselves with people we can trust to like the guy/gal behind the mask.

It takes a fair bit of ignoring the world around us to go mask-less.

And sometimes it just takes being so fed up with life the way it is that we are willing to do almost anything to find the face behind the cover.

As we head into this week of Valentine perhaps we can focus on engaging our heart in this thing we call storytelling?

Perhaps we can look beyond what people say we should be and use our heart to discover the person behind our persona.

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