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Homelessness In Eugene: Not What You Think

A lot of people claim to be experts in the field of homelessness. We see groups on the street protesting for places to stay and for SLEEPS.

The issues is growing larger in Oregon but who do you believe? It seems everyone has  their motivation and our temptation is to turn our back, say: “Oh Brother, get a job” and walk away.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a number of homeless people from our area and the more I listen the more I learn.

The folks I’m meeting are not involved in the protests but quietly go about their business. They don’t scream at you when you walk by and they don’t have a political bone in their body.

We recently did an interview with a local expert on homelessness in Lane County.

This is the extended version of that interview and what he says is powerful and set me back a bit and made me bite my tongue.

Take the time to educate yourself, not about the political action but the true need that comes from the heart.