Here’s Why It’s Not Working

IMG_1742We wonder why people turn away from church and religion. Well, some wonder why I totally get it and I don’t speak out of arrogance just experience.
So I’m reading through a book this morning that many in Christianity claim to base their faith on and this guy named Peter, he used to hang out with Jesus said: “For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men.”
Okay, get past the fact that this came from the Bible because some of you have a bias to such a book. Let’s really look at this for a second.
So it’s the will of God that with well doing…..huh, so what does well doing mean?
Here’s my guess: Feeding sheep, taking care of widows, orphans, helping to find homeless people who are missing, saying hi to people on the streets, shaking hands, giving money when needed and so on and so on. Oh, and not getting any credit for doing so. It’s a project or a handout of a “bring them to church effort” it’s simply love.
You see that’s all “Well Doing.”
I think you could strike the words Well Doing and put in Serving and loving those around you, and you’d be fine.
So Christians complain and whine that they are so mistreated and overlooked and now even the government is out to get them. Those very same Christians fail to remember Jesus saying you will be hated for loving me. I know, that’s pretty clear but current church culture wants us to believe differently but it’s a lie.
But perhaps if we as a faith community, were to do “Gods Will and do a little more “Well Doing” it might silence the ignorance of those who don’t know this Jesus man.
Instead of seeing his church as another organization or club they might start seeing us as people who truly care about the place we live and the people around us, Christians or not.
They might begin to see us, his people, as part of the solution not the problem.
There are no guarantees but perhaps its time to put current church doctrine aside and start really doing what the Bible tells us to do. Not what we think it says but find out what it actually says and then go do it.
Feed My Sheep.