Gracie’s Sea Hag: Old Coastal Cuisine


If you at all familiar with the Oregon Coast you probably know of Gracie’s Sea Hag restaurant in Depot Bay.

We haven’t visited in a long time. I guess there are so many new places you tend to forget about the old.

We had been to every restaurant we wanted to visit in the area and decided to wander back to the “Hag” for lunch.

We started out in the restaurant, which is a little too family restaurant when you don’t have a family. We ordered our lunch but when I went to the restroom saw inside the bar next door and quickly moved to that area.

The bar is really cool. It’s like you are inside an old ship with a huge fireplace burning in the middle and nautical garb all over the place.


Kathy had an old staple, the Shrimp Louie and it was great. I had a cob salad but with chicken instead of what they offered and it was very good.


This is the kind of place you go on a Sunday afternoon or a Saturday night just to hang out and be comfortable. You don’t have to put up with pretentiousness, which can be an issue in Oregon these days.

The Sea Hag is a great escape to something that is still quality with that rugged Oregon Coast feel of days gone by.