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Goodwill Hunting: It’s The People


I went to Goodwill, hunting for something unusual to write about on my blog.

I know that sounds a little crazy but to a writer Goodwill is a treasure chest just waiting to be opened.

There are so many stories around every corner and today I hit a jackpot.

I was looking for a treasure what I found was pure gold.

His name is Anthony. I’ve known Anthony and his family for years. When he spots me the look on his face makes me feel like I matter.

Anthony really cares about people. When he hugs you nothing else matters, you could care less if people glare, this is what it feels like to be human.

We stand and talk about life, family and all the great things he likes about his job at Goodwill.

As I stand there listening to Anthony I’m reminded how refreshing it is to be in the midst of such honesty. As I listen to him talk about his job I’m reminded how excited I need to be about my work.

For many of us our job is something we have to do and we act like it. Anthony and many of my friends at Goodwill see work as something that gives great value and feels really good.

I love moments like this, moments when someone like Anthony, with a simple (very long) hug, can shake me out of my comfort zone and remind me what it feels like to really live.

If you did a little Spring Cleaning This Memorial Day Weekend I challenge you to take your old camping gear, the stuff you picked up from the garage and the clothes you found in your closets and donate/recycle your stuff into jobs for my friends. It matters, it makes a difference and it gives value to some very special friends of mine.


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