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Goodwill Hunting: Emma Goes Shopping.


We didn’t know when be brought Emma on as a co-host for RickDancerTV how perfect she’d be to pick up some of our Goodwill Hunting stories.

This woman can find a deal and it’s almost as if she has a sixth sense about her. We told her to go out shopping for back-to-school clothes even though Emma isn’t going back to school.

Next thing we know she’s got a bag of clothes to donate and money to burn on some new outfits.

The last time my wife and I went shopping for clothes we left the store wondering how parents do it. How can they afford to shop for brand new clothes when the prices are so high?

The great thing about Goodwill is everything in the store is put on racks by color. As you can see in the video of Emma, she found some very stylish things and not one of them cost more than $5.

The other great thing about shopping at Goodwill is you are doing something very green and good for the environment. Goodwill is one of the original recyclers and when you buy gently used clothes you are recycling.

But what you might not know is that when you shop at Goodwill you are also helping people in our community find a new job.

Watch this video to learn more.