Glamping: The Latest Craze

I discovered a new thing today, “Glamping.” I was in Cottage Grove with my photographer Neil Moyer shooting some video at Pacific Yurts. Did you know the whole Yurt Craze started in Cottage Grove 30 years ago?

I was interviewing the owner of the company Alan Bair. I really like this guy. You know how sometimes you meet people you really connect with? That’s how it was for me with Alan.

Anyway, he was showing me the place where he makes Yurts for this video we’re shooting for the Cottage Grove Economic Development Group. He took me inside some of the more modern Yurts and you won’t believe how fancy these things are.

Alan told me about this new craze called Glamping. I looked it up online and it’s basically glamorous camping (Glamping, Get it). No more sleeping bags or cots this is all about being outdoors but having a bed, a fridge and a cold beer or fancy bottle of wine.

He showed me pictures of resorts that actually put these upscale yurts on mountaintops and bluffs overlooking the surf. You rent them and have the feeling of being outdoors but in the comfort of a very nice place. Pacific Yurts has customers all over the world. In fact we met some customers from South America today.

Yep, Cottage Grove is much bigger than you might think. Alan and other companies in town have contacts and clients all over the place. This video is a real eyeopener for us as we find out what makes this town tick. We can’t wait to show you the video.

Glamping, I think I could get used to that.

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