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“Get Real with Rick Dancer” Real Fitness Friday

Welcome to Fitness Friday. What the heck is Fitness Friday? It’s our way of connecting with you and helping each other, get or stay fit, with goals that don’t create rewards that demand six-pack abs or a tight little butt.

Don’t get me wrong, strong abs and nice butts are great but we don’t want them to be the focus of “Real Fitness Friday.”

Remember, your workout always begins in the kitchen. What you put in will either fuel your body giving you more energy or fuel it by adding fat.

In Real Fitness we hope to teach each other better ways of eating, making better choices and giving you some exercises you can do anywhere.

Real Fitness is also an attempt to put the “F” word back in Fitness….Fun. If it ain’t fun we ain’t gonna do it.

We’ll also be showing you hikes, adventures and offering ideas for weekend activities.

We’re bringing Gary Gonzales a coach friend of ours on the team and today at noon we’ll be at his gym getting a few tips.

Like anything, Real Fitness is going to change with us. It’s going to grow, get more inventive and get us off the couch and back into living the life we want to live.

Our idea is if we get fit we can do more of the fun things we want to do and not be hampered by a bad image or bad health.

Here are this weeks three videos to help you get started.