Freedom: We Have No Idea



Kathy and I were recently in Bentonville, Arkansas and because Kathy is a painter, we could not resist visiting the Crystal Bridges Museum.

The museum itself is a work of art and so are the grounds that surround it. I must admit a trip to a museum is not my idea of a good time but Kathy really wanted to go so we decided to make the trip.

I was sold on the place the minute we walked in the door. We were surrounded by amazing, one of kind, works of art.

Paintings by men and women whose names escape me now but in the art world roll off the tongue in the same sentence as: “this artists is a really big deal.”


There are the wall, huge paintings by the man who put on canvas, the image of such figures in American History as George Washington. I can’t tell you how weird it felt to be looking at the original artwork. You imagine a man, looking at what you are seeing, but sitting in front of George Washington himself.

We got lost in the art world that day. Our mind captivated by what is humanly possible. Now that my wife is a painter I can appreciate the ability to put on canvas or board what the eye, mind and soul can see.


By far the piece of art that touched me the deepest was this bronze statue called “Freedom.” There is something in the way this artist reproduced each curve of the muscle that brings pain and discomfort to the viewer. Through this work I see confusion, repression, oppression and fear and at the same time relief.

I keep this picture on my phone now as the first thing I see as I enter my pass code and start my day. I guess I do this to remind me of what I have, the choices I get to make each day and to help me recognize there are some choices that really are made for me, no questions asked.