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Free Tax Assistance: Thanks Goodwill Industries



Having your state and federal taxes filed can cost you anywhere from $250.00 on up.

How many folks on a fixed income, in a lower income bracket or with a recently changed income can afford that?

This is why Goodwill is teaming up with United Way and the Walmart Foundation to provide assistance called My Free

The online program is designed by H&R Block and is very user friendly.

To qualify you must earn $58,000 dollars a year or less.

The nice thing about My Free is it focuses on tax credits, such as earned income and child credits, to make sure you are getting as much back as possible.

Those who are using the program say it’s easy and more effective than programs like Turbo Tax.

Now, if you are not comfortable on a computer and would rather just get tax help in person, Goodwill has a program through AARP that can help you.

To qualify you must make $50,000 or less in a year; however, we understand AARP will allow your income to be a little higher.

There are two locations in Lane County.

One location is at our Seneca Goodwill office in west Eugene, 855 Seneca Road, and the second location is at St. Alice’s Church, 1520 F St, in Springfield.

The Seneca location is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9a-3pm.

The St. Alice’s location is open the same hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

You can show up at 8:30 at both locations to make an appointment.