Eugene Foodies Know Their Stuff


I’m on this FaceBook page called Eugene Foodies. The other day we were talking about great pizza and someone said have you ever tried Countryside Pizza off River Road.

Last night we tried it and loved it. The pizza crust is perfect and the flavors different from what we are used to. The place is kind of cool. It was a hot night and it looked like the neighborhood hangout on the front porch drinking beer and talking about their dogs.

The staff was very helpful and really nice. For Kathy and me Countryside is on the other side of the world so it probably won’t be a regular stop but we highly recommend it and thank our Eugene Foodies for introducing us.

Also, I have to thank “Amy” who works for Deck Family Farm out in Junction City. She read my comments about my wife’s delicious homemade pizza and Amy offered to give us some of their fresh meat to try as toppings.

We tried the Chorizo in our Calzone while on vacation. Amy I have to tell you it was amazing. We can’t wait to try the rest of the toppings and I will let you know what we think.


Amy, we loved the farm. The guy who helped us was so nice and is actually going to start working on a farm by our house. I love the idea of small farms like this providing healthy, local products you can trust. I love seeing our culture or at least some of us, turning back to the way food used to be done. We also enjoyed looking at the grass/mud homes on the property.