Easter Traditions Shatter Like Egg Shells


This weekend millions of people will head to Christian Churches to celebrate Easter.

A few years ago, questions over this pagan holiday turned Christian (by church leaders 1700 years ago or so) started bothering me.

I’m all for celebrations and I’m not anti pagan holidays but what started to crack for me was the mixing of traditions, something God speaks against. He calls us to be Set-Apart and I think He really means it. In this instance we don’t have to be against anything but at least do what He asks.

This morning as I cracked my scriptures I stumbled on these words from Jesus and thought I’d ask you what you think.

“The people respect me with their lips but their heart is far from me. And in vain do they worship me, teaching as teachings the commands of men.”

“Forsaking the commands of Elohim you hold fast to the traditions of men (Easter). Well, do you set aside the commands of Elohim in order to guard your traditions.”

Have we traded traditions and celebrations God tells us to “always do” (Passover) for the traditions of man? (Easter)

Are we teaching each other to ignore things God tells us never to forsake (the Torah) and instead trading for traditions established by the church today?

Does it matter?

Many will say: “Well, it doesn’t matter because what matters is what I feel in my heart and for me Easter is about Jesus.”

I hear you and used to feel that way too. But I started reading more and came to the conclusion that what I feel in my heart really doesn’t matter when compared to what God says and asks (commands) me to do.

In my book He’s in charge so His words should trump (not The Donald) current doctrine if it doesn’t line up, right?

I just think it’s something we should think about as we put on our Easter suits and bonnets and flock to a celebration that may have more to do with what we want than what God wants.