Dreams: Hope of a Home Ignites Tears (Behind The Scenes Rick DancerTV)

A long day of interviews and questions for an upcoming Habitat for Humanity video we are producing gently pushes me to a quiet place where my emotions are ready to go.

A young couple takes the chairs, the last interviews of the day. They are a family, working with Habitat for Humanity, to get a home for their two little boys.

As they quietly tell their story a lump forms in the back of my throat. Themes of disappointment and sorrow fill the pages of their personal history.

I’m doing fine until the “C” word slips from the 31 year old mans lips. The family was about ready to put a down payment on a home when cancer struck and it struck hard.

The young man says something so amazing as he finishes there is a dead silence in the air. I hear a sniffle behind me and hope it’s not me crying out loud. But instead it’s the development director from Habitat and that noise forces water to flow from my own eyes.

Watch this interview that airs at the end of Rick Dancer TV this week and then wait for next week when we have the entire story in the show.

This is the nicest, most committed, hardworking couple I’ve met in years.

It is days like that, the days when projects fade and stories takeover that I must pinch myself and remind my tired soul why I do what I do. To feel their pain, their joy and their ups and downs makes me feel alive.

I wonder sometimes if we don’t spend too much time trying to soften the difficulty of life and in return settle for numbness rather than really living.

This young couple and the work that Habitat for Humanity is doing give me hope. I think if you take the time, it will do the same for you.

Now for sticking with me for so long, here is this week’s show.

Pass it on to others and inspire the world around you, please.