DECEMBER 2012 Christmas tree farm, Dangers of Tobacco, Mirage Hair Systems.

00:14 Spring Creek Holly Farm
01:30 Tobacco Use in Lane County and what’s being done to try and reduce the numbers
05:46 Angel Hair Foundation Video
09:57 Video Game Numbershire.
14:56 Spring Creek Holly Farm Interview with the owner
17:49 WaterCooler Tobacco Use
22:28 Ranchito Grill
26:20 close
This is a great show. We’re talking about an issue very important and costly to Lane County Taxpayers. You will not believe how many people are dying due to tobacco use and how much taxpayers pay for the damage tobacco does. We’ll show you a local organization that provides hair systems for young people who lose their hair to disease or the treatment of disease. A video game, made right here in Lane County, that could change the world for students who struggle to comprehend basic math and we’ll show you the best mexican food in the area and take you to a tree farm where buying a tree can also help your local schools.