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Cyclists are driving me Crazy: SoapBox

So, the other day I’m driving down the street and this lady is riding a bike, on the sidewalk, going the wrong way. I tried to resist saying something but couldn’t. I said: “Did you know you are going the wrong way and you are supposed to use the bike lane?” She flipped me off.

I work downtown and watch people do this all the time. They don’t know what they are doing on a bike and it’s very dangerous.

Cyclists Need to be Nicer Too (and I am one)

Now for the other side. I was driving and didn’t see an older woman on a bike pull in front of me. She had the right of way and I pulled a foot or so too far into the crosswalk. I looked at her a mouthed “Sorry.” ┬áThe old lady scowled at me, shoot her finger and I wanted to smack her.

The greatest thing about doing a segment like this is I have to be good now. I can’t shake fingers at people or slip through a stoplight here and there.

Perhaps we all need to brush up on the law and then follow it. In addition give each other a  break.

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