Coastal Destination: Anniversary Special


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I get emails from folks all the time asking me what Kathy and I do when we go on trips. Kathy was a travel agent so she’s real good at finding a deal.

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We just celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary in Florence. Our friends Marv and Laurie own the Edwin K Bed and Breakfast in Florence. When I had cancer Marv and Laurie told us to come take a break sometime. They offered us a room for free.

We finally decided to take them up on it and we are so glad we did. We’ve spent several weekends (over the years) at the Edwin K. In fact, we spent another anniversary at the Edwin but don’t remember which one. The Edwin K is in the heart of old town and the rooms are wonderful. We had a hot tub in the room. Marv and Laurie serve a breakfast that will keep you full until dinner.

We drove up on the 23rd and had lunch in Yachats at our favorite little spot the Drift Inn. There are a lot of places to eat in Yachats but if you want the freshest, most organic, tasty food you must do the Drift Inn.

We also grabbed mocha at the Green Salmon Coffee shop. It’s right in town and the coffee really is amazing. They do things with coffee and tea that others don’t even dream of.

For dinner we decided on the Bridgewater Fish House in Florence. They really do have great food and service and the place was really busy. We both had steak, as we always do there, and it was amazing.

The problem in many coastal towns is a lot of the good places close at 8. We don’t eat before 8 and don’t want our night to end that quickly so that helps us decide where we are going.

Before dinner we had a little Argyle Champagne that we brought from home. Try it you will love it. We also had an appetizer at Kelly’s Cantina in Old Town. The green beans were delicious.

We got up Thursday morning and had a coffee and muffin at Siuslaw Coffee Roasters. It’s a block from the Edwin K and I like their coffee and their service.

For lunch we tried a new place and are so glad we did. Next time we go to Florence we will try dinner at the Maple Street Grill. The Yelp ratings were over the top and we understand why. We had a great soup and wrap for lunch and were very pleased. We met the owner and we are sold on this place.

On the way home we stopped by Natures Way for something to drink. If you want another great place for lunch try Natures Way. They really make great, healthy food and the owners are super great people.

What did we do?

When we got to our room we took a nap. Yep, we dropped on the bed and fell asleep and it felt so good. We walked the town, took a 7-mile run to the South Jetty, laughed, talked of love and had great food.

My wife is not just my partner in life she truly is my best friend and best supporter and I hope I am the same to her.

I could tell you how great she looks when we go out or how much I still love when she holds my hand or rubs my arm but that would be taking this simple blog to a whole new level and you people just don’t need to know all of that.