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Sally Fields: I Really, Really, Like Her

I’ve never been a huge Sally Fields fan. Let’s face it she’s not in a whole lot of big movies and she’s not one of those actresses that comes to mind when you think of memorable films. But in “Hello, My Name Is Doris” I think Fields stands out as an actress who can do…

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Young Professionals Get It: Time For Us To Move Over

Perhaps it’s time for us to step aside and allow youth to rule? Sitting at a bar packed with people, that thought occurred to me as people my age talked of why we couldn’t do something and people of the millennial generation said: “Why not?” The meeting was over tax exemptions for developers who create…

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I Almost Allowed You To Ruin My Day

  I turn on my computer and there it is, hate, irritation and some of my friends on Facebook trying to control and shut down conversation. There are very few things that can wreck my day but when people stop listening and start telling people what we have to think, that’s a huge trigger for…

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What Happened to Provocative Speech?

As it listen to this and that and ponder the future of this place we live, I can’t help but grow concerned that we are quickly descending a slipper slope. The Constitution of the United States protects provocative speech and yet our culture castrates our ability to say anything that might offend the one sitting…

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Wednesday Night: Sprout Film Festival Opens Hearts and Minds

Friday night we were sitting at Ninkasi Brewing Company, talking with friends from Full Access and Oregon Supported Living Program, when I thought to myself: “Most people don’t have the kinds of friends I have.” I’m a lucky guy. I’m exposed to people with disabilities all the time and understand the world better because of…

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