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Putting the “F” word (Fun) back in fitness.

I get bored with my workout. I made the mistake of mentioning that to my friend Tara Pemberton. She’s a fitness Guru at the Exercise and Movement Science program at Lane Community COllege. She knows I love doing training for the next big thing. I should have kept my big mouth shut because the next…

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Planks: Better than a Crunch Shape Up

How many of us spend hours and hours doing sit-ups and crunches in an attempt to flatten our belly? We’ve discovered something better than a sit-up and more effective than a crunch but in order to do it you will have to walk the plank. Watch.

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Halo-Slasher: Shape Up

As we age balance and a strong core are even more important. Our Shape Up series is here to give you some exercises designed to build more than your body but to help you feel good on the inside and outside. Watch.

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