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Category: Rick’s Pick

My Prostate Cancer Story

I know you’ve been seeing my face all over the newspaper, in Eugene magazine and on the television bringing awareness to Prostate Cancer. I’m working with the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute informing guys and their wives about some of the different options for Prostate Cancer treatment including active surveillance. It’s a little odd going back…

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It felt very odd today

We had a press event for the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute to promote Calypso, a GPS system to help target radiation for Prostate Cancer. As part of the media event I hopped back on the table to show how it all works. For a few moments it was a little odd but I spend 40…

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The SoapBox: The Sports Kingdom/Rick Weighs In

There’s a natural tendency in man and woman to be critical of people with money. Sometimes, here in Eugene, wealth is almost considered evil by some and throwing out the word “Corporation” is equal to an “F” bomb. When the Sports Kingdom at the U of O first began it irritated me. I see sports…

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Calypso Comes To Our Part of Oregon: Cancer Treatment

I don’t know why it matters so much to me but I guess you’d have to be a cancer survivor to understand it. When I first found out I had Prostate Cancer back in 2010 I did not want to become the “Poster Child” for Prostate Cancer. Now, I’ve accepted a position with the Willamette…

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Spoof Promo For RickDancer.TV (smile when you watch this)

The other night I was zipping through my TV recordings on my DVR and saw a couple of local news promo’s and started to laugh. I’m not laughing at the people who do the promo’s I’m laughing because stations still think that stuff attracts us to the product. I used to hate doing the same…

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Kathy is a CASA

There is so much I want to say about my wife being sworn in as a CASA volunteer today but need to be careful because both of us dislike when people write things about love ones on Face Book and it sounds all corny or like a bragging Christmas letter. For 10 years Kathy has…

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