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Category: Rick’s Pick

Bring Independents To The Party Game! ACT NOW

Okay, like me you gripe because politics is all about the far left and the far right and those of us closer to the middle feel as though we have no voice, here’s your chance to shout. ACT NOW! The two parties (D’s and R’s) are afraid to get a third party in the primary…

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It Just Never Goes Away.

Kathy and I went to Eugene Eyewear to pick out new frames for our glasses on Saturday and had the most touching experience. The staff was very helpful and we ordered what we needed but this is not a story about service but instead moments in time that touch lives. One of the women helping…

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I.O.U. 32-Years of Marriage

July 23rd 1983 Kathy and I got married. We’d known each other for four years prior to the big day. Kathy and I are not the kind of people who talk about our relationship publicly because everything else in our life is pretty public. We don’t like to use this medium to brag or make…

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As The Election Nears; DVR is a Gift from God

As the November Election nears and airwaves fill with accusations and slander, how do we stay involved with the process without getting stung? I find DVR is a gift from God. I stop reading articles about candidates or polls and I resist the temptation to let social media titillate me into frenzy. This Soon Shall…

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Christmas: “More than a Feeling”

We all love the feeling of doing something nice for someone less fortunate but as I dig into Christmas Past and stare Christmas Present and Future in the face I can’t help but wonder if that’s really not the point of this holiday. Christ did what He did and did not base it on how…

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