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Category: Re-Writing Your Life Story

Yearly Cancer Test Taunts My Soul

Sometimes you have to grow even in the worst conditions: I like this picture a lot. I think all of us can relate to those moments when we feel like we are trying to take root in the hardest of ground or the most difficult of places. Cancer is not something I think about very…

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You are the Hero in your story.

Most of my life seems to be wrapped up in a desperate search for the hero in my story. The more I live the more I realize I am not alone. In many ways all of us long for that person to come along to rescue us, love us and mentor and mold us into…

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Trust: How Do We Restore It?

In an effort to weed out the trolls we will try posting our more adventurous blogs to my website first. What I find is trolls and people who don’t really want to have a conversation, don’t like to work hard. If you make them click to an alternate site, many stay away. Today I think…

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Leave It Behind: The Editor of Your Life Story

No one really likes to be edited. Some of us say we are fine with it but when it comes right down to it, laying your thoughts out on a piece of computer screen and having someone chop them up, is irritating. When creating a better life story, the same is true. We need editors…

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