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Episode #3 – Alaska, The Bucket List

The month of March Rick Dancer TV takes you on the adventure of a lifetime. Make sure you pack warm clothes and a swimming suits because we’re headed to Alaska. We’re not taking you to some resort we’re taking you to THE Resort. This is wild Alaska and yet when you crawl into bed at…

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Episode #2 – Rick Dancer TV

Here it is guys, episode two of Rick Dancer TV. Find out things you can do to protect your car. Learn more about Womenspace and all they do to help our community. Find out why when you buy a cup of Full City coffee you aren’t just helping the local economy you’re acting globally and…

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Episode #1 – Rick Dancer TV

Welcome to Rick Dancer TV. A new show that features stories you won’t see on the nightly news. We are creating a new marketplace for information and advertising. In this, our first episode you will see stories on Illegal Dumping and what’s being done about it in Lane County. You will also learn about storm…

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