Calypso Comes To Our Part of Oregon: Cancer Treatment

I don’t know why it matters so much to me but I guess you’d have to be a cancer survivor to understand it.
When I first found out I had Prostate Cancer back in 2010 I did not want to become the “Poster Child” for Prostate Cancer.
Now, I’ve accepted a position with the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute doing just that and I couldn’t be happier.
When a disease like cancer strikes and you fight, and you win, you want other guys to understand cancer isn’t the enemy but another challenge in life.
Too many men jump into treatment too quickly because we are fixers. Prostate Cancer isn’t something you fix it’s something you watch or treat.
Today I get to talk with folks about Calypso Guidance system, a targeting process I used very successfully to treat my Prostate Cancer.
I had to live in Portland for six weeks because Calypso was only available at one hospital in the entire state, OHSU.
Thanks to the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute Calypso, and many other advanced treatments are available right here in the central part of the state.
What a lot of folks don’t understand is this won’t only help guys in Eugene/Springfield but what about the folks in Roseburg, Klamath Falls, Coos Bay and Gold Beach?
Calypso and other cutting edge technologies are closer than ever which means more men can stay closer to home for treatment.
When you get the chance to help spread a message like that what better life could you have? Hope is the single most important aspect of cancer treatment and I get to help fight cancer by spreading a lot of hope and I love it.