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Bring Independents To The Party Game! ACT NOW

Okay, like me you gripe because politics is all about the far left and the far right and those of us closer to the middle feel as though we have no voice, here’s your chance to shout.
The two parties (D’s and R’s) are afraid to get a third party in the primary but it’s going to happen.
60% of us feel the two major parties are not representing those of us in the middle.
More than 109,000 Oregonians have joined a movement to change that and today I registered as an Independent so my voice can be heard and I encourage you to do the same.
Independent Party Core Issues:
Increased Transparency in government;
Greater Accountability in how our tax dollars are spent;
Giving citizens a bigger voice in state government;
Reducing undue influence over our legislative process and the power of money in campaigns; (big business and unions won’t like that)
Focusing on common ground rather than the issues that divide us.
If this sounds like you go to
This link takes you straight to the Secretary of State website and it might take you 10 minutes to register. Only took me 5.
You need to do this by August 15th 2015.

WHY? We need to be above 5% to get Independents in the May Primary and groups and current state leaders are quietly fighting to keep us from getting enough people.
Don’t wait.
And if you don’t get involved please don’t complain.
You want more access to the process this is our best shot at getting it.
Oh, and the two parties are not going to like it when we shake up the process.
Two’s company and three gets things done.
Join me and register Independent and let’s see what happens.
Remember the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting change.