Breaking the Foundations that Hold Us.


30,000 feet above the ground my longing to disconnect with what is and find what is to be is overwhelming. Sitting in an airport for nine-hours, dashed hopes of catching a flight to New York repeat over and over and over again, ones mind tends to think in brighter colors and deeper hues.

You start to connect with other people, complete strangers discovering a whole new world out there. You wonder if this is just the tip of the cultural iceberg and thirst to find new wells overflowing with ideas and lifestyles never dreamed of in your limited vision.

As I look below me miles and miles of countryside, dotted with houses and neighborhoods cause me to question even more than normal, the bigger picture of this gift God gives us called life.

I don’t want to settle for boundaries created by limited vision or lacking experience.

We humans have this need for a home, a place to belong and a place to feel connected. We feel the need to be planted somewhere but I wonder if taking root is really for everyone. What if the way Abraham lived was more God’s design than ranch style homes or grand palaces in neatly landscaped neighborhoods?

I see people hunker down, lay foundations and find security but for me the urge is to remove the foundation bolts, lift the 2-by-Six base of my home from its concrete anchor, leaving behind structure to those who are called to a life within a clearly defined existence.

The coffee is gone, another cup would sure be nice but the “Fasten Your Seatbelt” sign just went on and soon the flight attendants will clear away the debris I left behind from this flight to prepare for the next weary traveler.

As I look to the clouds below I must smile. Their fluffy layer blocks my view below reminding me of the place I am in life right now. Perhaps I just need to sit back, actively investigate the darkened holes that tease me from above to dive in and find a path.

Time to put away the electronic devices. We’ll continue this conversation later.