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Black Friday Brings GoodWill


Before you start decorating for Christmas Goodwill has a Black Friday deal you won’t want to pass up.

From 7 am to noon, this Friday, Christmas items and kids clothing are 50% off; there are some exceptions: purple tagged and new items are not on sale.

I’m not kidding, it’s true.

The old Christmas look is back and finding old decoration is pretty trendy these days.

Go to an antique store and you’ll spend a lot of money for some of the older decorations.

That is not the case at Goodwill.

Why all the Christmas items?

When people have garage sales in the summer they have trouble selling Christmas items because most of us aren’t thinking about the holidays in August.

Watch Garage Sale Video

Another reason Goodwill has so many great decorations is people are pulling out their Christmas stuff and want a change.

They don’t realize what’s in, and they throw it out.

We take it in and give you a heck of a deal.

But remember, this is ONLY Friday and  ONLY from 7am to noon.

Oh, and when you buy something or donate to Goodwill, you are helping all kinds of people in our community find a job.