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Behind The Scenes: Such a Huge Response

I know it’s hard for some of your to believe but even I feel invisible at times. I know some of you are thinking: “How could a guy who had his face in everyone’s living room for 25 years, feel invisible?”

People recognize me but don’t necessarily know me. People, my critics, think they know me, especially those in the political world but they don’t really know me.

You can be visible and still feel invisible.

I think that’s why this old KEZI Special we did on the topic means so much to me personally. This special opened me up to a whole new world beyond news and based more on what one person can really do.

I’ve had tons of emails these last few weeks after airing each section separately. Now what I’m going to do is air the entire special, with a few of our sponsors in the middle, so others will get the chance to experience invisibility.

I hope you enjoy this special. Sit down and really spend 28 minutes watching carefully. Put the kids to bed, get the animals fed and settled, grab your favorite beverage and just listen.