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Behind The Scenes: Love Not Doing That Anymore.

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This Sunday a project we’ve worked on for four years finally premiers in Portland. We started the Senator Mark Hatfield Documentary not realizing how difficult doing something like this really is.

We had to not only produce a 90-minute documentary we had to raise most of the money to pay for it.

I’m not complaining this has been a project that has truly changed my life.

Wednesday night I drove to Portland to do an interview on KATU that airs Sunday morning at 9am. Steve Dunn was very kind and very interested in the documentary. I felt like I was back in my old stomping grounds but glad I’m not an anchor anymore. I love communicating a message that I believe in and I do believe this documentary is important on many levels.

When the interview wrapped up Steve said to me: “Wow, Rick that was great you really sold it.” I said: “I don’t have to sell it I believe in it.”

I know some people will see the interview and think I’m going to run for office again. I have no plans to ever do that but I do have plans to stay passionate about the things I believe are right and giving people a voice is just one of those things I hold dear to my heart.

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Also on the Sunday show will be Gert Boyle, the founder of Columbia Sportswear. She just donated 100-Million dollars to the Knight Cancer Center Challenge at OHSU. This woman is 90 years old and has more spunk many people half her age. We had a nice chat and found many friends in common. I thought it was interesting she is also very good friends with Mrs. Hatfield.

This weeks RDTV show is one of those throwbacks to my past. We are focusing on everything from Look Me In The Eye to bringing back a feature from my KEZI days on Bertha Holt you will love it.

I hope you watch. I’m hearing more people tell me they love the show and believe me on days like today when the show feed didn’t work and I’m scrambling to get it up and to KEVU, those encouraging words mean something.

For those of you who read this far, don’t wait until Sunday at 4:30 to watch the show on KEVU, here is a link, look now.