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As The Election Nears; DVR is a Gift from God


As the November Election nears and airwaves fill with accusations and slander, how do we stay involved with the process without getting stung?

I find DVR is a gift from God. I stop reading articles about candidates or polls and I resist the temptation to let social media titillate me into frenzy.

This Soon Shall Pass.

It is so important that we inform ourselves and participate in the election but participation and being sucked into worry or fear will serve no one but your opposition.

We React Too Quickly.

The issues we are voting on are important and will/can change the course of our culture. The problem as I see it is we fail to remember little random acts of kindness can also go a long way in making change and are just as powerful, if not more powerful than what happens at the ballot box.

Take A Deep Breath

It may be a good idea to limit your social media contact for the next month or so. For me it’s part of my business so I will use the gift of Ignore to get through with as few bruises as possible.

Remember, those who oppose what you believe want to suck you into their conversation. They are trying to convince you they are right and you are wrong. They probably don’t understand compromise or the art of negotiation so if you think you can convince them of your position that’s just false hope trying to lure you in.

Walk away, be kind and talk about something else, at least until after the election.

Yes, this is serious business that is exactly why you should inform yourself, turn off the talk shows, ignore the editorial page and think for yourself. When you feel the vacuum sucking you in, don’t panic there is an off switch. The challenge is having the guts to hit the off switch.

Remember, what happens at the ballot box will/can change some things but only we can choose how we handle ourselves and that my friends can truly change the world we live in.