Are We Human or Are We Dancer?

Someone sitting next to me a meeting said to me: “Ever heard that song “Are we human or are we Dancer? It reminds me of you.”
I’ve had people rib me about the song before but never paid that much attention.
And while I struggle to explain the connection, I fear my words will fall flat and perhaps I should just write and give you the “time” to figure it out or make the connection yourself.
I’m not always the easiest guy to understand. I speak my mind and my heart and sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes people can take it the wrong way.
The more years stack up behind me the less I understand why people take life so seriously. Can we change the length of time allotted to this human being our soul is attached too or is that number pretty much in the hands of our creator?
Days come and go as hours slip by. Minutes disappear and seconds are but a clicking sound on the grandfather clock in my front room.
Some days I push for time to move more quickly and others, like this morning, I wish I could bundle all those wasted hours together to make more.
What am I in such a hurry for? Why do I want my days to go by more quickly and Monday-Thursday to disappear so that everyday can be Friday?
How many times has my out-loud voice said: “I wish this day would end?” There will come a day I will stare into the sky and long to have just one more day, one more hour, one more moment to take a breath and sigh.
There might be a second where I beg God to let me stay a little longer but my song will be over and words and all I have spoken silenced.
There will come a day when the collection of time will matter even more but nothing can change the end, for each of us a final second on this earth will tick and be gone.
God don’t let me regret one moment as it slips through my finds like air rushing out of a balloon. God, I don’t want to grasp for time but simply enjoy that which is in front of me to the very end of its existence. Remind me each day, even on the bad ones, that there are people out there who give anything for more….time.
Are we human or are we Dancer? In my case it’s the same thing.