Annette’s Westgate Café

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On our way home from the beach we wanted to break up the trip so decided to stop in Salem for lunch. We usually eat at Word of Mouth and highly recommend the place but didn’t want to wait in a long line.

We checked online and found Annette’s Westgate Café. It was 2 in the afternoon and we were starving. The restaurant is really cool and the staff is the best. Every day but Sunday they have a salad bar and it was Labor Day and we were in luck. We sat outside, sipped on fresh ice tea and bought the all-you-can-eat salad bar.

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This is a salad bar that has everything, even real chicken. There were two different kinds of seaweed relish and it was outstanding.

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Kathy and I love to try different soups. I think soup says a lot about a restaurant. We ordered their veggie beef soup and I have NEVER HAD BETTER. Yes, I had to yell that because it was amazing. The meat must have been roasted for days and the broth was more like a thick, rich, braised gravy than liquid. We liked it so much we ordered a second bowl and a take out container and had it for lunch the next day. I took it to work, heated it up and said in my out loud voice this is the best soup ever.

Next time you’re in Salem try Annette’s Westgate Café. It’s easy to get to and the atmosphere is really nice.