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34 Years Ago Today


More than three decades ago, this day, my stomach was in a knot as I prepared for my first date with a girl named Kathy Diehm.

She and her family were headed to a Duck game in Eugene and on her return that night our plan was to go see a movie and we did.

My sister Judi introduced us. Kathy and Judi worked together at a clothing store in Cedar Hills.

We dated for four years before getting married and the relationship has lasted over bumps and bruises, great times and very hard times.

We’ve lived in five houses, owned two, remodeled this one twice and raised two boys to be outstanding young men.

We’ve lived in town and out of town, lived through a career in television and a run for statewide public office. Kathy is always there for me and I hope she feels the same way about me.

We are very different in our natures but connected at the heart. God is our center and commitment our constant. We never say the “D” word (divorce) but have had moments when giving up on “us” would have been easier than continuing.

I cannot imagine my life without her. The thing that makes me saddest is to watch a movie where an older couple is separated by death because I know someday that will be us.

As my boy’s get to the age of finding a woman to help them make sense of the world I hope they lean on God to make their match.

Opposites do attract and those who stick it out find a connection that meets at the very core of who they are.

Too many people today give up too quickly. They look at the options and settle for easy rather than long-term.

The good stuff is on the other side of difficulty. In the middle of the storm we believe there is nothing left to put together.

I remember those days, three decades ago, where my nerves got the best of me and my arrogance almost destroyed any chance of lasting love.

I look back and can honestly say the best is yet to come.

I look at elderly couples at the movie or a restaurant or at the gym and smile. Together is not something that simply happens it takes work, it takes love, it takes commitment and in my opinion it takes hanging on to her, no matter what and gripping the very hand of God to make it last.

The best is yet to come; I truly believe that because I experience it every day.