Time To Take A Stand: Rick Dancer TV

When easier to do nothing than it is to take a stand on issues of persecution especially when you can’t see it.

I thought about that while walking the movie “Selma” last weekend.

I wondered if I would have been one of the thousands of people to travel to Selma in protest of persecution and unfair treatment of African Americans.

Now, I’m helping the local Baha’i community as it brings awareness of persecution of their people in Iran.

On February 26th, a wonderful 54-minute film will be shown at the University of Oregon. And afterwards a panel of experts will paint a picture of what the Iranian government is doing to people of the Baha’i faith.The film (To Light A Candle) is produced by the same journalist who produced the movie "Rosewater" which recently aired in Eugene. Rosewater is about Maziar Bahari, and the time he was held in prison. "To Light A Candle" is about the persecution going on in Iran against the Baha'i.

I’m not a Baha’i but I’m a member of this community and when people are being persecuted for what they believe it is my duty to stand with them. After meeting members of the Baha’i in this community I will tell you I know they will do the same for me when my faith is challenged by government.

Here is an interview with a wonderful woman who lives in Eugene. She is telling you more about what’s going on and how we can help.
We will be airing to interviews on Rick Dancer TV over the next month to tell you more about the situation and how you can get involved.



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