Sunriver, The Old KEZI Gang, and You: This week on Rick Dancer TV

One of the special productions we used to produce at KEZI TV was a feature called Our Town.

We’d send reporters like Al Peterson, Erin Bruce and myself into a community, put together reports and education and entertain our viewers.

I loved doing these reports and towards the end they turned into something we called “Rick Dancer Reports.”

I actually had it in my contract that I got to do these reports.(and even family vacations) The station came up with the idea but a new manager came in, didn’t like them and wanted us to go back to doing fast-paced press release reports rather than interesting stories about people. (That was the beginning of my end)

Tonight, thanks to the University of Oregon’s Special Collections and Archives Department we are bringing you one of those reports.

Sit back, pretend like this is the early 2000s and smile with us.



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