Secrecy, The Real Enemy of Truth   “SpotLight” movie review

I honestly don’t know where to start when it comes to expressing my thoughts about the movie Spotlight. Part of me wants to make this a review about how important journalism is to our culture.

Another part wants to blast those who currently run media operations for destroying an industry that, when run well, can do so much good. But money is the manager and most traditional media is about making more of it and less on paying for staff that can actually dig for answers.

But instead I will focus on the portion of this movie that makes me the angriest, the institution we know as the church that hides behind lies and secrecy.

I am not one of the Jesus Followers who puts down the Catholic Church. There are things the Catholic religion does that I don’t agree with but I have that same issue with current evangelicals as well and it all makes me sick.

When religion adds to what God has given to us I reject it, spit it out and throw it up. I had too much false teaching shoved down my throat and now I can taste it long before it reaches my stomach.

But what the Catholic Church allowed to go on when it comes to pedophile priests is just disgusting. This movie is about the lies and secrecy and how the truth really can set us free if we are willing to dig.

This movie shows how we all get lured into the power of an institution and how hiding little secrets turns into giant problems. Power corrupts and “Spotlight” does just that, throws a giant beam on the power guilt and lies have on a body of people unwilling to challenge leadership and like sheep go along with lies that feel wrong but can be rationalized away so we cannot taste them when we swallow.

What I like about this movie is it shows how each one of us becomes a part of the problem when we at first hide little secrets. My mom used to call these “white lies.” I’m not sure why they are referred to as “White” a lie is a lie and is usually the shortcut to darkness.

This is not a depressing movie but it did leave both Kathy and me in tears and a little angry at, not only the church, but also ourselves.

How many times do we accept the unacceptable to keep peace? How often do we rationalize lies to make gray areas rather than pure blackness?

Spotlight is a must see. The Bijous Arts Cinema sold out last night, not a seat in the house so you might want to order your tickets online before you go.




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