“Not All Who Wander Are Lost” Changes Everything.


I’m not a guy who pays attention to Tee Shirt sayings. Oh, I don’t have anything against people who wear them but billboards on cloth just aren’t my thing.

Today that changed.

A kid with a Tee Shirt that read: “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” rocked my world.

The words nag somehow awakened something in my soul. I was so excited I used Google to find out who wrote it.

No wonder those words refresh me.

  1. R. R. Tolkien author of Lord of the Rings wrote the sentence.

More than a decade ago Kathy and I left the institution many refer to as the church.

We were not unhappy or hurt by the institution but we were starving for meat and tired of milk and besides God told us to leave and we listened.

In the months and years to come some people saw our wandering as being lost.

Some in our faith told us we were going the wrong direction and others told us they were pray we would “Land” somewhere as if “Landing” is the goal.

We had gone from followers of the institution to Followers of Jesus and in American Christianity, where planting and landing are everything, wandering is frowned upon.

I now study with a messianic rabbi. As I read through the fathers of our faith I see many wanderers. In fact, I see more wanders than planters or landers. As I dig into the scriptures I see large meetings but no mega-churches.

I see structure, established by God, and plenty of irritation on His part when man adds to or takes away from what He has established. (He calls that His law).

So if you are not called to be a wanderer mind your own business. We aren’t lost we are simply on the journey.

If you have found your place we wanderers are so pleased for you but don’t use that to discredit us for doing what we are called to do.

And please, if you want to pray for the wanderers of the world, go ahead. But don’t pray that we land somewhere instead pray that God would remove the hindrances to his blessings and give us grace to deal with those who think we are lost.






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