My Handywoman: She Really is Amazing


I’m not a real handy guy. When we remodeled our house I learned to do things such as put in windows, lay hardwood floors and roof the entire house (with my wife’s help) but this stuff doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m driven to do many things but projects like that, not so much its effort.

My wife is really the handywoman of our house and I have to tell you about her latest projects.

Our dryer stopped working the other day so Kathy gets on the Internet and finds video’s about how to figure out what’s wrong.

Kathy loves this sort of thing. She watched the videos and then took apart the drier. She bought a meter and dug around inside that dryer until she figured out what was wrong with it.

She went to Sears, picked up the part for $15 dollars and as of last night we are drying clothes at home again not taking them to the laundry place. (We hate that)

I really am blessed to have such an amazing woman. Her dad was a tinkerer and could fix anything and she learned/watched or got those genes.

It used to embarrass me because that’s something the guy is supposed to do but not anymore. We’ve come too far and realize expectations aren’t always in line and when someone is gifted and enjoys doing what comes naturally to them, why should gender get in the way.

Handyman: not me that would be my amazing wife Kathy.



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