Marge, You Can’t Die on Me! Behind the Scenes.

I met her at Siuslaw Coffee Roasters in Florence, Oregon. She was no taller than a stepladder my folks use to have in their kitchen.

Her eyes would sparkle when she talked and her smile never got tired of covering her face.

I wish I could remember the interaction we had that first time we met standing in line waiting for our coffee.

I wish I could remember if I started talking first or was it Marge.

Not that it matters today but when people are gone details like that become more valuable.

Somehow we got on the subject of her life, the loss of a child and her husband. We talked of her cancer and an outlook on life that let me know Marge Urgo had a story worthy of a television interview.

I took down her number, said I’d call her, to which I remember she made some smart remark.

We ended up shooting a story on Marge and red hat friends. It aired on KEZI back in 2005.

I’d run into Marge, even stopped by her home a few times and most recently visited her at a retirement home in Florence.

She was so tickled to see me and Kathy and we laughed and talked about old times and stupid stories.

Marge died a few weeks ago. It made me kind of sad, not for her but for the rest of us.

Her life, the words she spoke in this interview, her attitude and her smile are something the world needs more of.

I wanna be like Marge I as I age. I want to say things that need to be said and think less about the outcome and more about loving people with reckless abandonment.

Like the poem she reads in this story I want to grow old less gracefully and more full of something, perhaps it’s life.

Marge was a good woman, a great example of what it means to live and a good friend.

I’ll miss you Marge and this weeks show is dedicated to you.

If you read this entire blog here’s the show ready to go. Otherwise tell your friends to tune in Sunday @4:30 on KEVU.

Marge will blow you away.



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