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As I sit here in my “Living Room” thinking about my day a peaceful bit of sadness comes over me. This afternoon we will go to a memorial service for a woman who discovered just a few months ago that she was dying of cancer.

This is my second friend in the last few months to die of cancer and both died in a relatively short period of time.

Perhaps it’s just coincidence that this memorial service falls on January 28th, the day seven years ago, doctors told me I had Prostate Cancer. My Cancer Story

Yesterday afternoon, sitting on a barstool at Good Times Pub in Eugene, Oregon a new friend began to talk about the deeper, darker moments of his life. One of his daughters committed suicide a few months ago and the pain of trying to revive her lifeless body is still a vivid, painful memory that permeates ever syllable in the story.

While daydreaming during my day this frightening and yet eye-opening thought surfaced first in my mind and nestled in my heart.  Someday, there will be a memorial service for either my wife Kathy or myself and only one of us will be there. I know that’s a super sad thought but it’s also an amazing reminder that life is not forever. Yes, I believe there is an afterlife but I have no idea what all that involves and we must work hard to insure the life we live here, with the people we love now, is all that it can be and not filled with worries that don’t really matter.

Today, live hard and strong. Do things with purpose and drive. And when the noise from those who are nothing more than distractions begin to clamor like cymbals looking for your attention seek to invade and destroy your peace, be reminded that this too will pass and you need to push forward and live as if today is the end.

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